You need 2pdfx service if

Low cost of entry is important for you

You can start working with 2pdfx instantly and completely free. If you need service for your business, then Premium account is best choice for you with minimum investment.

Low cost of ownership is important for you

Monthly fee as low as €20, which is ten times less than costs of the prepress engineer.

Saving time is important for you

Simple interface, fast handling of files. Automatic files preparation service for printing will allow to standardise processes, will reduce ordering time and will eliminate time delays at a prepress final stage.

You do not need 2pdfx service if

You are a large printing company and if flexibility and full control is important for you

Service 2pdfx is oriented on wide audience and decides 96 % of the problems related to PDF-file preparation for printing that is certainly not enough for the vendor of end production.

You work with printing house which does not demand from you observance of strict standards

It is possible, if the printing house owns PDF management system, the big staff prepress engineers. And final finishing of your files does not demand an extra time and expenses.


Professional service 100% Online

Is now available online. Some 10-50 seconds, and the file is ready! Service will prepare a PDF to print without losing the smallest detail. Focus on design - everything else we will take.

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Free for personal use

Now and forever, just upload the file and get the download link. Ideal if you're a freelancer and do design from time to time.

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Own laboratory quality

File processing algorithms are tested and improved by laboratory of quality. Years of experience and professionalism of the team in one click 2pdfx.

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